Advantages of a partnership with RCM.
With RCM's help there is a minimum risk for a producer or a company to enter Russian markets.

No need for big investments.

Easy way to reach new customers.

Automatically increase in sales.

Avoiding problems of cultural misunderstandings.

We have practical experience of working in Russia and we know how to act in local cultural environment.

Business opportunities in Russia

We have experience that Russia has enormous potentiality for business opportunities for Western companies. Millions of Russian people besides people living in Moscow and St-Petersburg have accumulated substantial purchasing power. In some distant areas of Russia there is still a huge demand for any kind of consumption products and especially for high quality Western goods. Our company aims at reaching 15 other than Moscow and St-Petersburg a million population cities, where new potential customers live.

Marketing & Sales
RCM provides consulting, marketing and sales services to help Finnish companies to get their products to fast growing Russian markets.

RCM is a Finnish company exporting high quality products of European producers to Russian markets. RCM gives great opportunities for Western producers and companies to expand their products and businesses into potential Russian markets. RCM is a link between yet undiscovered virginal markets in Russia and European producers, longing for new potential customers. RCM has established most valuable access connections to numerous customer groups in Russia. RCM's strategy is to offer high quality European products and services straight to the targeted customers.

RCM is the fastest way to expand to Russian markets.

RCM sells products of European manufactures straight to Russian corporate, wholesale and retail customers.

Notwithstanding Russia´s potentiality for businesses, Russia with its still unpredictable and rapidly changing business environment prevents a lot of western companies from entering its markets. Russia´s unstable law system as well as poor infrastructure and unknown culture represents real obstacles for many Western companies. RCM has a versatile experience in selling European products to Russian customers. It also has good knowledge of Russian markets and practical experience of finding potential customers.

If your company is interested to expand its businesses or export products services to Russian markets, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to acquire end customers or suitable distribution channels in Russia according to your needs.
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